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Because you are WORTHY.

Self-Care for Everybody

WORTHY Self-Care Studio is the ultimate self-care destination offering science-backed wellness services that help people feel good, function optimally, and thrive.


Our Mission

Made for Real Life

WORTHY is designed to accommodate the busiest of schedules. Our services range from 15-50 minutes. Whether you're running to the next soccer practice, or you've got a leisurely day, we've got your self-care needs covered.

Impactful Self-Care

WORTHY is here to normalize the necessity of impactful self-care. Our services are backed by extensive research, and well documented in providing physical recovery and optimization. We believe that self-care is a necessity - not an indulgence!

Built for Community

WORTHY is committed to creating a conscious community, serving people across the spectrum of our society. WORTHY Wellness Initiative (501c3 nonprofit) provides free or reduced rates, to folks who may otherwise be unable to afford them.

Become a Member

The best way to experience WORTHY is through a monthly membership. Explore our memberships and learn about how WORTHY can help you enhance your self-care practice.
WORTHY Self-Care Studio

Your self-care is a necessity.

Our mission is to increase access to science-backed services that help humans feel good, function optimally, and THRIVE. Book an initial session. We will tailor your experience to your needs and comfort levels.
Guided Cold-Plunging


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