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Autumn Collective Reset: Pilates + Self-Care Day Retreat

Saturday, October 7 · 1 - 6pm PDT

Escape the chaos, and rejuvenate your mind and body at our Autumn Collective Reset– a blissful day of movement, relaxation, and self-care.

Get ready to rejuvenate your body and mind this fall! Join us on October 7th from 1-6 PM for the Autumn Collective Reset, a day retreat designed to nurture you from the inside out.
-Immerse yourself in the healing powers of movement with a mat pilates class led by Master Instructor, Kelsey Wiedenhoefer, where you’ll strengthen your core and improve your flexibility.
-Dive into the world of nutrition with a special presentation focusing on quality macros and self-care for the fall season. You’ll discover how to nourish your body with seasonal foods that boost your health and energy.
-Breathe deep and release stress during our breathwork class facilitated by WORTHY Founder, Meliza Mokrani. This practice can help you unlock emotional energy, bring about self-awareness, and promote relaxation.
-Lastly, treat yourself to WORTHY’s range of self-care services. Experience the therapeutic warmth of our infrared sauna or bask under the glow of our red light therapy. Want to take your recovery up a notch? Try our Cold Plunge, Ballancer, and CryoFacial treatments at a special discounted rate.
This retreat is more than just a day off – it’s an opportunity to learn about the four pillars of self-care and practical ways to incorporate them into your everyday life. Start this autumn with a refreshed body and mind.

Self-Care Date Night

Saturday, October 21 · 5:30 - 11:30pm PDT

An intimate self-care date night that will leave you and your partner feeling connected and rejuvenated

Your evening will include a guided couples cold plunge and a 30-minute sauna session. Plus, Ally will share her collection of books, games, and intimacy cards, adding an element of surprise to your date night. It’s a truly unique and memorable experience that’s more affordable than a typical dinner and drinks date, and more beneficial for your physical and mental health!
Spend your evening in a candlelit, self-care sanctuary that will leave you and your partner feeling replenished and connected.
When we get busy, self-care and intentional time with our partners and loved ones are often the first things to go. Whether your relationship is new, seasoned, fiery, or in need of resetting and rekindling, this date night is for you.
This is a dedicated space to slow down, prioritize wellness, and enjoy a healthy evening of self-care modalities that will reduce stress, improve sexual health, and enhance overall wellbeing.
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