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WORTHY Wellness Initiative

WORTHY Wellness Initiative

What is the WORTHY Wellness Initiative?

WORTHY Wellness Initiative is a 501c3 nonprofit on a mission to increase access to wellness services for folks in need.

The services that we provide are often cost-prohibitive to the people that need them the most in our community.

Folks who meet the income criteria are eligible to receive free core services through a Tier 1 WORTHY Wellness Initiative Membership at WORTHY Self-Care Studio. In addition, we help fund access to a wide variety of valuable wellness services and resources including: health coaching, nutrition consulting, personal training and fitness classes, acupuncture, etc.

For those that do not meet the income requirements for a WORTHY Wellness Initiative Membership, we also offer a sliding-scale program to meet your needs. Our sliding scale program is available for memberships in 3-month increments. Every 3 months, we check- in to touch base. If your circumstances are the same, we are happy to continue with our sliding-scale arrangement. If they’ve improved (congrats!) just let us know and we can switch you over to a standard WORTHY membership.

To apply to our program, please email info@worthyselfcare.com

All donations to WORTHY Wellness Initiative are tax-deductible.

Members of WORTHY Self-Care Studio and the community can make one-time or monthly Pay-it-Forward contributions to WORTHY Wellness Initiative. Those funds go directly towards providing access to those in need.

Thank you for your support and for helping us ensure that everyone gets access to valuable wellness services!

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