Grand Opening Intro Offer: $150 – 5-Credit Pack ($100 off)

*credits are non-transferrable and valid for core services only.

WORTHY Wellness Initiative

WORTHY Wellness Initiative is a 501c3 nonprofit on a mission to increase access to wellness services for folks in need.
Members of the community who meet the income criteria are eligible to receive free core services at WORTHY Self-Care Studio. In addition, we help fund access to a wide variety of valuable wellness services and resources including: health coaching, nutrition consulting, personal training and fitness classes, acupuncture, etc.
Donations to WORTHY Wellness Initiative are tax-deductible.
Members of WORTHY Self-Care Studio and the community can make one-time or monthly Pay-it-Forward contributions to WORTHY Wellness Initiative. Those funds go directly towards providing access to those in need.
Thank you for your support!
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