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*credits are non-transferrable and valid for core services only.

About Us

Meliza Mokrani

WORTHY is founded upon the weekly North African practice of going to the hammam or bath house.
The concept and design of the space is a bridge of my Algerian-Amazigh heritage, and specialities as a health coach and biohacker; tradition, meets technology. WORTHY is a personal reflection of my health journey, personal growth trajectory, and my deepest passions.
I chose the name WORTHY because our ethos is rooted in the undeniable fact that every human on this earth is born WORTHY of good health, ease of being, love, and joy.

And so my wish for everyone that we have the privilege of welcoming into our studio is this:

May you be healthy,

May you experience ease of being,

May you know love,

And may you have joy.

Thank you.


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