WORTHY Welcome Offer: $175 – 5-Credit Pack 

*Valid for new guests. Credits are non-transferrable and valid for core services only.


Meliza Mokrani, Founder

This is Personal.

WORTHY is a culmination of doing the work to address my trauma. Shortly after my mother passed away, and with the help of some incredible mentors, doctors and therapists, I had the healing realization that I had lived a lifetime in a state of sympathetic hyperarousal, or perpetual “fight or flight”. My nervous system was in desperate need of regulation. I began to lean into the various modalities that I had already had in my tool kit as an athlete, with greater frequency. Saunas, red light therapy, cold plunging, breathwork, meditation, and lymphatic massage helped me heal my system so that I could put my best foot forward as a mother, sister, friend, entrepreneur, but most importantly, for myself. 

Thanks to these transformative practices, I was able to down regulate my nervous system, and build stress-resilience adaptations. In essence, I’ve been able to raise my baseline so that when I am faced with stress, I am able to respond with abundance as opposed to being triggered and spiraling, the way I used to be.

Self-Care for ALL.

Our ethos is rooted in the undeniable fact that every human on this earth is born WORTHY of good health, ease of being, love, and joy.

 Our mission is to increase access to services like ours across the spectrum of our society. By doing so, I firmly believe that we can help uplift members of our community and society to a more just and equitable lived experience. 

We offer a sliding scale program in addition to our 501c3 nonprofit, WORTHY Wellness Initiative. Through our initiative, we provide folks who meet the income requirements, a free membership to be able to experience our services. So often, wellness spaces like ours are inaccessible to members of our society who need them the most. This inequality disproportionately affects marginalized communities such as people of color, immigrants, people with physical differences, and members of the LGBTQIA community. 

We are here to create a safe space and refuge for our guests through our shared and collective humanity. 

It’s the honor of a lifetime to be of service in this way.

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