What services do you recommend I try together?

Great question! That’s dependent on what you’re looking for. Have you taken our quiz to find out
which services are best for you? Click here.

What should I wear for my sauna?

A bathing suit is fine, or you can sauna bathe in the nude. You have the sauna and the room to yourself, so you can enjoy your session with the greatest comfort.

What should I wear for a cold plunge?

All clients must wear a bathing suit when participating in a guided cold-plunge.

Is there parking?

There is ample street parking on Ashby Ave as well as College Ave. A parking lot is located at Russell and College just around the block from WORTHY.

What's the difference between the Infrared Sauna Believe and the Infrared Sauna Sanctuary?

Both of our saunas are full-spectrum infrared saunas. The difference is that the Sanctuary Sauna is our larger, wheelchair accessible infrared sauna. The Believe is our smaller sauna that also has a tablet on which you can enjoy a show or film on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We ask for at least 12 hours notice for cancellations. If a cancellation is made less than 12 hours before the appointment time, you will be charged the credits for the service and a $20 fee.

If guests no show, they will be charged the credits for the service and a $30 fee.

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